IQOS in Pakistan is a tobacco heating system that delivers nicotine to users through tobacco wrapped in a specific paper. When these “heat-sticks” are heated within the IQOS, nicotine, along with other tobacco components and flavours, is released for users to inhale. This is in contrast to traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco. Cigarettes are more harmful you smoke the direct burned tobacco and inhale it that can cause cancer through its chemical when you inhale it. The IQOS heated tobacco gadget is only compatible with our patented tobacco sticks. The IQOS system is not designed the use of cigarettes.


IQOS are the best replacement of traditional cigarettes as compare to traditional way of smoking Iqos are comparatively supposed to be healthier and the low-tar cigarettes has been introduced several decade back Iqos are 99% less harmful that tobacco filled cigarettes when tobacco heat directly Instead of burning the tobacco, heating it may probably have fewer
cancer-causing chemicals. And those that are released are in smaller quantities. As smoking cigarettes are the most common reason of different cancers so quitting smoking is the most effective approach to lower your tobacco-related illness risk. Medications, nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum are the most effective ways to do so. Usually iqos in Pakistan are replacing smoking or conventional cigarettes several smoker shifted themselves from smoking to vaping.


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