Guide: Proper Care & Maintenance of Vaping Equipment

Vaping equipment is becoming more popular day by day in Pakistan. Now, most people start switching to electronic cigarettes rather than traditional ones. As we all know cigarettes are injurious to health it damages our lungs which may cause death. Quit smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself, it harms every organ of the body specially the heart. Approximately one-third of deaths from heart diseases are the result of smoking and secondhand smoke.

Regular maintenance may lead your electronic appliances to work well and e- liquids taste better.

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Clean and Empty the Tank

Tank is the most significant part of the vape product. If it is left unclean for long so it may lead sticky and may be possible it will be affected the taste of the vape product, To clean the vape tank first you have to remove and empty it into the container, as well you clean the coils and the surrounding part in need to be clean.

To clean a tank you have to rinse it in warm running water, it is necessary to use light detergent or isopropyl alcohol for deep cleaning, after cleaning you have to make sure it must be dry completely. Keep in mind that your vape has enough liquid, if you do not pay attention to it so that may cause a burn to your atomizer, which can give you a bitter burn flavor

Regularly Replace the Vape Coil

The coil is the most critical part of heating the vape liquid you have to take special care of it. When it damages or is broken so it will be harmful to your product. Replacing of vape coil must be necessary on a regular basis if you feel any changes in flavor or you get a burned taste. Unfortunately, cleaning of vape coil is impossible, you must be changed it according to your convenience. In most vape pens is an easy procedure to replace the vape coil, you just have to unscrew the atomizer head and remove the inserted coil before replacing it. To avoid burning so it’s better not to use vapourised instead wick soak the liquid.

Do not Overfill the E-liquid Container

It’s an important point that you should have to keep in mind that you don’t overfill or underfill the vape tank. Overfilling may cause leakage which can extra damage to the tank and harm the vapourising process. Overflowing e-liquid allows the tank to dry quickly, the risk of becoming unable to any liquid may cause the vape flavor bitter due to burning the coil.

Regularly Check your Batteries

It’s impossible that your vape e-cigarette to work without the battery, it’s the really hard way that you keep a check over it because the connection between the battery and the capsule is shut off, and the grimy battery put a major impact on your vape device. Another way is to avoid overfilling the tank, it is one of the major causes which spoil your battery life. You have to make sure that you check the head of the battery once a week. Stay conscious about vape juice not dripping out on the battery, this may cause serious harm to your vape device If the terminals where your battery is fixed, become dusty you should clean them with the cotton bud it should be scorched.

Vape Components should not be Overtightened

It’s the key point that you must avoid overtightening the components when you are cleaning your vape., changing its parts, or refilling the vape juice. Obviously, we want all the sealed parts of the vape but overtightened these parts resulted to be damaged, and hard to rebuild those pieces. Keep away your e-liquid items from direct sunlight. Also, avoid putting them in the heat this may cause change the vape taste of your drink, and the liquid may be streamed out of the reservoir and onto the battery. Keep your e-liquid in the fridge until and unless you are going to use it. This step will make the e-liquid taste stronger and the liquid maintains its quality.

Store Vape Correctly

If you are not using your vape for so long so you should keep it correctly in its box, otherwise your e-liquid will leak out from the air holes and can cause sludge in the place where liquid flows. When you are not getting to use your e-liquid continuously the dust particle may gather on it, which looks messy and you don’t want to inhale it.

Benefits of Vaping

Here are some benefits of vaping that give you all the guidance about the usage of vaping.

It’s safer than smoking:

The good side of vaping is t is safer than a traditional cigarette. Harmless smoke that is not affecting the lungs and prevent heart disease. A flavoural full vape gives you the satisfaction of all your smoking needs, and you can also enjoy different flavours rather than a specific one.

No Noxious odors:

The main advantage of vaping is, it is odorless even, and it has pleasantly scented fumes that never get people irritated by the bad smells in your mouth and clothes. People around you never feel more discomfort from the smoke than a traditional cigarette.

Control over Nicotine Intake:

In vaping, you can fully control your nicotine intake. You can choose lower to a higher level or higher to lower level nicotine, even if you don’t want nicotine so you can completely eliminate it.

Flavour for every Plate:

It is a good thing that you can enjoy different flavours of e-juice which you can pick by your choice. Here are different flavours like mint, dessert, fruit, and tobacco, even if you don’t like these flavours you can make your own.

Price Points for every Wallet:

Vape is a large and growing market. There are lots of products available everywhere. Choose one which is convenient and easy to handle, if you are a beginner you must go with a simple disposable e-cigarette then you can switch to premium e-liquid, pick out the one, and spread some positive smoke in the air.


Vaping products are increasing gradually day by day. People know that traditional cigarettes are injurious to health and that’s why they quickly switch to vape products. If you have vape products you must know about the care and maintenance of them, there are some useful points of how you take care of vape accessories that are really important to know every single thing regarding the care & maintenance of vape.