Luscious 7 Daze Red E-Juice

The sweet and fruity flavor of fresh 7 daze red e-juice that are collected form pressed apple juice directly from the orchard will excite your taste buds in 7 Daze’s Reds Apple E-Juice. From inhale to wonderful exhale, this authentically scented apple juice vape delivers rich fragrant vapour clouds that are sweet and delectable.


Like other brand 7 daze red e-juices has a wide variety in their amazing brand with mouthwatering flavors.

  •  7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple: Unless it’s the Reds Apple Iced Salt Nic from the new 7 Daze red e-juices Salt Series, there aren’t many greater tasting sensations than a beautiful glass of apple juice. Reds Apple has released a line of E liquids in salt nicotine form, which are known for their crisp and clean apple juice flavours. As a result, every
    time you take a puff from your pod system, you may now enjoy a wonderful chilled glass of apple juice. This taste is ideal for anyone who prefers a fruity flavour with a hint of menthol.
  •  7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple Grape: this salt series can refresh your taste senses while soothing your thirst. 7 Daze had added a grape juice and menthol touch to the original Reds Apple Juice flavour we’ve learned to love and adore. This results in a flavour that will provide you with a well-rounded vaping experience that you will like repeating. Reds Apple Grape Iced is ideal for fruit lovers who enjoy a cold and pleasant menthol kick.
  •  7 DAZE SALT – ICED REDS APPLE MANGO: has granted the wishes of nicotine salt devotees all across the world. Nicotine salts are now available in their top-of-the-line Red’s Apple e-juice. The same amazing flavour as Red’s Apple ejuice, but with a stronger nicotine kick.
    Buy 7 daze red eliquid online in Pakistan from the Vape store and enjoy the best quality in minimum 7 daze red liquid price in Pakistan. Some of the mentioned and other available 7 daze red e-juices will leave you more that satisfied.

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