Vape cotton is unbleached, undyed cotton that has been specially selected for use in vaping. While many people believe that you can buy a pack of cotton pads at the shop and use them to vape, vaping cotton is only meant for re-buildable, where you build your own coil and wick it with cotton. This cotton is designed to be both absorbent and heat resistant, making it ideal for vaping. Furthermore, good vape cotton has neutral flavours and requires less break-in time. The majority of high-end companies use Japanese organic cotton. Because of its clean, pure taste, manageability, and absorbency, this has become the go-to variety of cotton for vapers.
Vape Cotton is heat-resistant, which is important because it is used to wick heating coils. It’s also great for absorbing e-liquid and funneling it to your coils, and it has a neutral flavor that
assures pure flavor. Some of our vape cotton products are:

COTTON BACON PRIME is made in a state-of-the-art facility to provide vapers with a tasteless cotton wick that is simple to use. Pinch and tear as needed. With its 4" length, substantial body, and easy to use bacon strip that allows for easy tearing to match your size coil, this new version preserves the form users have grown to appreciate.

  • NATIVE WICKS PLATINUM BLEND is a brand-new, unique multi-fiber cotton blend with big fibres for better wicking, cleanliness, and flavor
  • PILOT VAPE COTTON Threads are medical-grade organic cotton threads that are very absorbent and offer a great flavour with a smooth throat hit. They’re composed entirely of cotton that has been grown naturally. You won’t find a cleaner or better-tasting cotton for your vaping experience than this. It’s a fantastic option for do-it-yourself
  • COILOLOGY PERFORMANCE 7-IN-1 PREBUILT COILS Range is a collection of seven unusual coil configurations in pre-coiled settings that eliminate the time-consuming intricacy of wire setups while providing the option of various types and sizes of heating elements for high-performance setups. For a precise and consistent outcome, each coil
    is hand-twisted in unusual combinations. Buy vape cotton from The Vape store and get yourself amazing vape cotton price in Pakistan.

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