BLVK e-liquids are super solid e-juices among all. These blvk e-juices are produced with the combination of strong natural and artificial favors with keeping that in mind to create some awesome e-liquid for Adult smokers so that they are easily quit or switch smoking with our healthier alternative to harmful cigarettes.
BLVK Pakistan is now having a strong image in the mind of vaper. Smoker who switch smoking with BLVK e-juices are very satisfied as it give the same desire as cigarettes. Moreover, it has a magical option of choosing nicotine dosage quantity. Anyone can choose from zero to minimum
and maximum. Many smoker switches their smoking with the healthy alternative that fulfill their smoking need satisfy them and keep their desire fulfilled.


Every flavor has its own uniqueness and flavor fullness that gives strong satisfaction to its user but some of the most famous flavors of blvk Pakistan are:

  • Blvk Caramel Tobacco is a full of creamy luscious flavor with natural tobacco to made a magical blend highly flavored that give you such satisfaction to your taste buds that you have never ever had. Delicious mixture of caramel and tobacco give you heavenly taste that you couldn’t stop yourself from having it again and again.
  • Blvk Cuban Cigar is an amazing fusion of nicotine salt, with sweet and strong taste of sugary tobacco with magical taste of cigar with the creaminess of vanilla that leave you deeply into the taste of it
  • BLVK Ello Disposable Bubbamelon Ice is a fruitful flavor of the mixture of taste of bubble and watermelon that give you the scrumptious taste and make you refresh. The coolness of icy menthol give you great hit at the throat that you feel to experience the most amazing vape flavor ever.
  • BLVK Ello Disposable Hawaiian Ice is the dark and divine taste of heaven, that gives your tropical vibes in your mind you feel fresh and juiciness in every sip this sweet and strong Hawaiian ice flavor give you the calm and cool hit that you feel you are somewhere in very calm and peaceful place.

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