Vape liquids are best part of vaping device. There are several numbers of vape flavours with higher and lower level of nicotine, with two types of e-liquid, freebase and salt-nicotine. Vape liquid commonly contains vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), food grade and
nicotine (not necessarily). Nicotine levels depend upon the high powered level to low powered level strength. There are collection of several numbers of brands that has wide variety and incredible taste. Several brands have introduced their e-juices in Pakistan some of them are
mentioned below. The Vape is offering all amazing brands that have excellent quality and elite vape flavour that are available in store and online in best e-liquid price in Pakistan.

Benefits of E-liquids

Vape flavour has many and distinctive advantages as these are available in elite flavours from full off tobacco to fruity one. You can have enriched with caffeine to sweet candy flavour. You can find high level of nicotine to no nicotine at all. It has good odors with flavor fullness. E- liquids in Pakistan are easily available there are many online stores that deliver at your door step you can have it easily with your choice of e-liquid price in Pakistan. The Vape deliver all e-juices in Pakistan everywhere in shortest delivery time period.

Famous E-Liquid Brands in Pakistan

If you are passionate about vaping you should know about the most popular e-liquid brand in Pakistan.
Skwezed Strawberry Ice Salt an elite flavor of skwezed strawberry that give you fresh and icy menthol to enjoy a freezing burst inside your mouth and make you feel more fresh.
Pop Ice Mango Creamsicle is a full of cream and cool combination of mango and ice that give you a refreshing taste while inhaling or exhaling
7 daze salt’s iced red apple grapes flavor is a mixture of fresh and juicy apple and grapes with icy menthol that refresh you inside out.
7 Daze SaltICED Reds Apple Berries is a magical blend of apple and barriers that is famous for it amazing and refreshing quality and strong flavor fullness.

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