Blvk Frzn Pina


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With hints of freshly cut fresh pineapples intertwined with a slight hint of menthol, the BLVK FRZN Pina is able to quench your appetite and recharge your mind.

In this exotic blend, the oh-so-sweet and calming menthol combine to produce an eruption of fruity and chill flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Blvk Frzn Pina serves you a variety of flavors, each with its own function. Furthermore, e-juice provides mildly mentholated exotic throat hits while still creating thick and huge clouds for you to pursue.

So seek no further than this exquisite and calming recipe if you are a vape lover looking for a flavor combination that will take your taste receptors on a ride.

One of BLVK’s flavors that really masters the flavor profile of pineapple.


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