BLVK Unicorn Salt Lychee


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The amazing spot-on lychee taste of BLVK Unicorn Salts Lychee, combined with a hit of cool menthol, causes an eruption in your mouth as if you’ve never felt earlier.

BLVK Unicorn Salts Lychee will astonish you with its one-of-a-kind taste, which leaves us feeling revived from top to bottom while still fulfilling our nicotine cravings.

The fruity scent takes over your mouth as soon as you take the first inhale, absorbing each taste bud in the process. The mentholated chill you get after letting out the vapor leaves you feeling fully ready for the next burst.

It’s one of the greatest flavors to add to your vape flavor list, as it’ll make your taste buds and palate go wild.



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