Cloud Nurdz Iced Watermelon Apple


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Taking a hit of this vape juice will make you feel like you’re having a tropical punch that will mesmerize your taste buds. The taste of this e-liquid is so epic that you won’t feel like putting down your vape device. A blend of juicy watermelons paired with succulent apples. Both of these flavors are delicious together, but that is not all this e-juice has to offer. You’ll get hints of candy as well in this e-liquid. Moreover, the menthol will take your taste buds on a chilly ride. Not only this e-liquid is enriched with flavors, but it will also provide you with such a fine throat hit that will satisfy your nicotine cravings in an instant.


● Primary flavors: Watermelon, Apple and Candy
● VG/PG: 70% / 30%
● Volume: 100ml
● Nicotine variations: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg
● Freebase formula.
● Made in the USA.


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