Ripe Ice Apple Berries


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Coming off the shelf is the beautiful ice apple berries offered by Ripe. The company has produced several marvellous fruit combinations to bring excitement to the vaping scene. This flavour brings a unique excitement to the vaping community.

Here you get an awesome and flavourful combination of apples and berries. This combo in itself would make an awesome flavour to vape. Ripe, however, took it up a notch and added ice to it to give you the minty aftertaste.

Everyone loves this flavour and it is in high demand at our stores. You get this flavour in different intensities of the nicotine, so you can choose the one that soothes your nicotine cravings the best. You can also purchase the 0 nicotine variant and blow off flavourful gigantic clouds of vapours up in the air.


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