Ripe Ice Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Salts


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The Ripe Ice Blue Razzleberry e-liquid has the potential to whisk through your taste buds with a whirl of icy flavours in one puff. These whimsical and frosty flavours dominate the enchanting e-liquid. The first being frozen blue raspberry, and the second is arctic pomegranate. The sweet and chilly blue raspberry gives a burst of sweet pleasure, enhanced by a sugary dusting of icy flavour. It soaks up in your taste buds and melts like a dream. The pomegranate is sweet and rejuvenating that can delight your taste buds on a whole new level. The tangy pomegranate is packed with a powerful punch of flavour that can transport you to a wonderland. The fusion of two delicious fruits gives you a new experience like never before. If you are a fruit lover, this
the blend is exactly the missing piece that you have been searching for your whole life.


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