STLTH Blue Raspberry (2 Pods Per Pack)


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STLTH Blue Raspberry:

Have you ever craved blue raspberries so much that you just want to go outside and get yourself some blue raspberries from somewhere? This pod from STLTH will deliver that awesomeness to you. A blend of sour blue raspberries with notes of sweetness to give you a revitalizing and refreshing feel. This unique mixture will be the best option to satisfy your vaping needs. You won’t just get enough of it. You will ask for more every time.


● Closed pod system
● Compact design
● Easy to carry
● Reasonable
● Compatible with STLTH Starter kits.


● 2ML of e-liquid in each cartridge.
● Well crafted and designed.
● Contains nicotine salts.
● Nicotine levels: 0mg, 20mg, 35mg (Bold 35) and 50mg (Bold 50)

What’s in the box:

● Two pod cartridges.


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