STLTH Flavourless (2 Pods Per Pack)


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Everyone has one of those days where they do not feel like having a burst of flavors in their mouths. All they need is a simple flavorless throat hit to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Designed specifically for this purpose is STLTH flavorless. We have a crafted range of flavors that are made for STLTH vape devices and come in three nicotine strengths: 20 mg/ml, 35 mg/ml, and 50 mg/ml. The nicotine blend is purposely designed to be extra silky, which can accommodate adult smokers aiming to transition from smoking to a healthier lifestyle. The traditional tobacco can be challenging to get rid of, and that is where we come in with this perfect substitute. Each pack comes with 2 pod cartridges with 2 ml e-juice in each cartridge. STLTH pod vaping is an amazing substitute for cigarettes that is becoming even more popular than the famous Juul 5%


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