STLTH Tundra Berry (2 Pods Per Pack)


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STLTH Pods Tundra Berry:

Have you ever thought of a flavor that is a blend of mixed berries with refreshing menthol? You’ll get this desired flavor in the STLTH Pods. The pod filled with Tundra Berry flavor is the e-liquid you’re going to enjoy. It is an amazing flavor that will make you ask for more. STLTH Pods are easy to carry and you can take them anywhere.


– Closed pod system.
– Nicotine control.
– Ready to use and easy to carry.
– More affordable.
– Long-lasting battery.


– Each pack contains 2 pod cartridges.
– 2ml of vape juice per cartridge.
– Specifically crafted and designed.
– Contains nicotine salts.
– Nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 20mg, Bold 35 (35mg) and Bold 50 (50mg).


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