Strawberry Pom Salt


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Naked has been around for years. People love their products, and they consistently exceed the expectations of their customers. In their wardrobe, you will find e-liquids with unique flavors. Among them, Strawberry Pom Salt is one of the best.

The E-juice has multiple flavors with a touch of saltiness. The liquid is formed with a combination of tart kiwi, ruby and exotic pomegranates, and sweet strawberries to make your mouth fresh, keep its flavor and provide your brain a well-needed sensation.

The product does not hit your throat very hard, but it provides a smooth touch to it. When you smoke this e-juice, you will feel like a slight salty nicotine touch in your throat which will not hurt in any way but provide a sensation to your brain.


  1. The product is a combination of multiple flavors, including sweet strawberries, tart kiwis, and ruby exotic and red pomegranates.
  2. The liquid capacity is 30ml.
  • VG/PG ratio is 50/50.